dick·y || 'dɪkɪ n. collar; removable shirt front; small rear seat; small bird adj. sick, unwell; faulty; not reliable

English contemporary dictionary. 2014.

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  • dicky — dicky1 (also dickey) noun (plural dickies or dickeys) 1》 informal a false shirt front. 2》 chiefly Brit. a folding outside seat at the back of some early cars.     ↘a driver s seat in a carriage. 3》 Indian the boot of a car. Origin C18 (denoting a …   English new terms dictionary

  • dicky — I UK [ˈdɪkɪ] / US noun [countable] Word forms dicky : singular dicky plural dickies a false shirt front that a man can wear under a jacket II UK [ˈdɪkɪ] / US adjective Word forms dicky : adjective dicky comparative dickier superlative dickiest… …   English dictionary

  • dicky — ► ADJECTIVE (dickier, dickiest) Brit. informal ▪ not strong, healthy, or functioning reliably. ORIGIN perhaps from the given name Dick, in the old saying as queer as Dick s hatband …   English terms dictionary

  • dicky — dicky1 [dik′ē] n. pl. dickies alt. sp. of DICKEY1 dicky2 [dik′ē] adj. dickier, dickiest [late 18th c. Brit slang < ?] [Brit. Informal] diseased; unsound [a dicky heart] …   English World dictionary

  • dicky — 1. n. (also dickey) (pl. ies or eys) colloq. 1 a false shirt front. 2 (in full dicky bird) a child s word for a little bird. 3 Brit. a driver s seat in a carriage. 4 Brit. an extra folding seat at the back of a vehicle. 5 (in full dicky bow) Brit …   Useful english dictionary

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